Diadora Phantom II Shoes - Men's White/Red/Black, 40.0

Stepping up to clipless pedals and cycling shoes can be intimidating, especially if you're relatively new to cycling; however, if you're thinking about investing in your first pair, we recommend models like Diadora's Phantom II Men's Shoes. With a forgiving price and trickle-down technology from Diadora's impressive lineup of pro shoes, the Phantom II's will allow you to trade-in those worn out trainers and enjoy the vastly improved power transfer and comfort that a well-fitting pair of cycling shoes can provide. We like that Diadora constructs the Phantom II on its Race Plus last. Its roomier fit dispels the assumption that all cycling shoes are tight and constricting while allowing for extra layering in the cold months. For cyclists with a slightly wider forefoot or newer riders who don't want a confining shoe, the Race Plus last keeps the Phantom II secure on your foot without the aggressive, metatarsal-squeezing cut of a race shoe. Diadora's supportive Suprell-Mesh upper wraps the tops of the feet and includes perforations and mesh paneling to allow for ample airflow. In the notoriously difficult heel area of the shoe, Diadora adds its shaped heel cup to address slippage and allow for efficient power transfer throughout your pedal stroke. Also contributing to efficient power transfer, Diadora's Sport Road CR outsoles rely on composite-reinforced nylon to provide responsive stiffness as you spin the pedals. The shoes are finished with two hook-and-loop straps to achieve a secure, not constricting, fit.
Dimensions: 500 x 800 x 1200
Size: 40
Color: White/Red/Black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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