Travel Medical Kit - First Aid Kit That’s Small, Ultralight, and Waterproof. Fits in Your Backpack, Purse, and Bag for All Your Travel and Camping Adventures. Weighs Only 1.6oz!

What's included in our travel medical kit: • 3 normal-sized bandages • 3 small-sized bandages • 2 gauze pads • 3 iodine prep pads • 1 roll of surgical tape, cross hatched for easy tearing • 2 pairs nitrile, powder-free gloves • 2 doses Ibuprofen • 2 doses Diphenhydramine • 2 doses Hydrocortisone • 2 doses Loperamide • 4 pieces of pre-cut moleskin • 2 safety pins • 1 waterproof, resealable bag Benefits of the Bratpacker Gear Travel Medical Kit: • You can bring this in your carry-on bag on airplane flights! • Ultralight and small in size. This kit fits in every bag, purse, backpack, you name it! • Waterproof and resealable. Don't worry about this kit in a rain storm in Thailand, nor dogsledding in Alaska. We know you want to. • Versatile design. We intentionally kept the bag a subtle color except for a single bright stripe. This is so that you can hide the stripe by tucking it into a pocket to blend in, yet when it's loose in a day pack you can easily spot it when you need it quick. • This kit is made to solve small problems you may encounter. Our goal is to help with things that a non-medical individual understands how to deal with, such as blisters, small cuts, bug bites, etc. • For larger issues we include supplies to help with symptoms while you get yourself to medical professionals. Do the right thing and let the professionals fix you! They went to school for a very long time and are very smart. 100% money back guarantee!
Dimensions: 90 x 400 x 540
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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