Brightest and Best 6000 Lumen Bright Headlamp Flashlight , IMPROVED LED with Rechargeable Batteries for Reading Outdoor Running Camping Fishing Walking - Waterproof Headlight by MsForce

Get clear visibility up to 200 yards even in pitch darkness with the MsForce Headlamp With the stunning brightness of 6000 lumens of white light, it's the "mother of all headlamps," according to one of our extremely satisfied customers. It has not one...not two...but three high-powered LED bulbs that are attached to a pivot mount -- allowing you to rotate your light up to 90 degrees without even tilting your head. Switch from low, middle, high to flashing mode in an instant! Work hands-free in total confidence Why buy a flashlight or a lantern that you have to hold or hang somewhere? The MsForce headlamp is designed to fit snugly on your head or over a baseball cap with its stretchable strap. Whether you're climbing a mountain, crawling under rocks, or engaging in any of your favorite outdoor adventures, its lightweight aluminum alloy and rubber construction won't slip or slide off your head. We know you'll enjoy using the DanForce Headlamp during: -Hiking -Fishing -Camping -Running -Hunting -Horseback riding -Reading -On medical emergencies -When you get lost in a place -During bad weather -When your car breaks down -During a power outage 10000 15000 battery 2000 300 5000 lumens 6000 atomic beam b007a6soci powered lanterns best boruit rj3000 100000 - bushnell coast construction hats tools cree t6 diving durable travel emido fenix fishing grde black clip lites hardhat holder lamp 10000lumen water proof lamps lantern reading mounted strap helmet clips hunting rechargable usb xtreme headlights high output power t2000 tech hour meter innogear klein zoomable lenser h14 linterna de cabeza mag medical miner ms force outdoor petzl work snap on streamlight super surgical tactical ultrafire wood pole xm-l2 xm l2 pioneer chargeable warm beanie cap runners armada princeton 13000 stretchable crawling lightweight hiking riding handy coon lámpara luz lúmenes faro lúmenos
Dimensions: 425 x 440 x 460
Color: gold
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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