Water Treatment and Purifier for Stored Drinking Water, NSF Approved, Keeps Water Free of Harmful Bacteria, No Bad Taste Or Odors, One Bottle Can Treat 1300-1600 Gallons of Water

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Keep Your Water Clean and Safe To Drink DW TR5 is a professional grade water treatment and purifier for water storage tanks maintains drinking water in the fresh water tank free of harmful bacteria on your boat, RV or cottage. One 35 oz bottle can treat between 1300 and 1600 gallons of water, making DW TR a super-concentrated and cost-effective water treatment product. Hydrogen Peroxide, the World's Safest Al Natural Water Sanitizer DW TR water treatment and purifier contains 5% hydrogen peroxide, the world's safest, all-natural effective sanitizer. Odorless and colorless at in-use concentration, it does not contain chlorine or bleach and maintain its effectiveness even at temperatures of up to 60°. Instructions for First Time Use: To ensure the water storage tank is cleaned and sanitized perform a "shock" cleaning treatment as follows: Dose 20 capfuls of product into 1 filled 75 L (20 gallons) storage tank (3 capfuls of product into 10 L of water for smaller containers). Leave water treatment solution in the tank for a minimum of 4 hours, then rinse the residual sanitizer with water by emptying and re-filling the container completely. Ongoing Usage: Fill clean tank with treated/city/bottled water dosed with 1 capful of product for a 75 L (20 gallons) of water. At the end of season repeat shock dose steps before winterizing the water tank. For year-round use shock-dose once every 6 months for maintenance. The Science Behind HuwaSan Water Treatment and Sanitizer HuwaSan Sanitizer uses a technology developed in Belgium for preserving water in cooling towers, and it has been tested and validated to maintain water bacteria free for up to six months.At concentration of 20 -100 ppm it sanitizes ( reduces 99.99 of bacteria and fungi overnight).
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