NEWBRELLAs Pioneer E-674K Aerospace-grade Carbon Fiber 6.99oz Lightweight Trekking Poles Hiking Walking Stick with Cork Grips Handles (Pair, Carbon, Gold and Pearl)

Specifications: Shafts: 3 compact carbon fiber shafts Length Adjustments: Usable Length 62-135 cm (24.4"-53.2") with length adjustments to avoid tumbles multiple times on the same terrain. with measuring scale to easily get your preferred height Minimum storage length 62 cm (24.5") Able to collapse to go into BIG Suitcase for flights when not needed in airports Flip Lock:"Quick and Easy" lock, clip that flip out and then clamp closed locking mechanism stayed tight, flip lock is much more durable than twist lock, twist locking system is possible had the always coming loose problem and had to be retightened Wrist Straps: Wide bands straps, made of top quality of polyester fiber, "breathes", absorbs sweat and fast dry. The soft and breathes fiber make you more comfortable on long hikes. The strap length is easily adjusted to fit your hand comfortably. Weight: 198 grams/ pole (0.44 lb. 6.99 oz/ pole) Shafts diameter: 16/14/12mm, Thickness: 1.0/1.0/1.2mm Shock Absorption Carbon fiber and Cork are "naturally anti-shock" material, and rubber tips also help with shock absorption The pole is quiet, adds No noise, No vibrations Tungsten Carbide Tip: Use in uneven, rocky trails and challenging terrain Package Include:? - 2 x Trekking Poles - 4 x Rubber Caps - 2 x Mud Basket - 2 x Snow Baskets Why using trekking poles? 1. Distribute the load, take stress of your body & add support, balance walking pace, reduce sports injury, increase speed, and self-defend when danger etc 2. As a support for shelters or use them for tent poles 3. Add support while recovering from surgery, suffer from a bad back and walking gets achy, assist with bad knees. It is "cooler" and lighter than a cane or walker!
Dimensions: 200 x 600 x 2550
Color: Golden, Pair
Condition: New

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