Fruit Infused Water Bottle

What a unique fruit infused water bottle! It infuses from the bottom for richer flavors + the neoprene insulating sleeve keeps your infusion water bottle cooler longer ... perfect for creating exciting infused water bottle or tea combos for detoxing & weight loss. Our Smart infuser water bottle Design Solves 3 Major Problems 1. Most infused water bottles put the infuser basket at the top. With Infusion Pro Water Bottles, it's at the bottom, so fruit stays submerged longer & flavors infuse more intensely. You get healthy, decadent fruit drinks that are actually good for you with virtually ZERO calories from the fruit infuser water bottle! 2. Ordinary bottles aren't meant for travel. With the fruit water bottle infuser you get a premium neoprene insulating sleeve, carrying handle & sturdy leakproof water infuser design, our water bottle infuser easily goes in your backpack, yoga bag, cup holder, beach bag or desk for hours of cool refreshment. 3. Not all fruit infusers strain out the bad stuff. Ours fusion water bottle is made of premium TRITAN plastic that is BPA-FREE & nontoxic. Each fruit infuser bottle features: • Insulation sleeve for each bottle • Strainer net to catch seeds & pulp • Locking Flip-top lid for convenient pouring • 24-oz. capacity • Extra-large infuser basket • Extra coating of outer plastic for durability • TWO openings (top & bottom) for quicker cleaning • Sealed gaskets at both ends to stop leaks & spills • Handy carrying strap FREE Recipe E-Book & Full Guarantee! As soon as you order, we'll send you a link to a PDF E-Book full of luscious recipes. WE know you'll love your bottle, but if you're ever unhappy, simply send it back for a refund or replacement - for LIFE! Add to Cart Now & Order Extras as Gifts for Friends & Family!
Dimensions: 330 x 330 x 1140
Size: 1-Pack
Color: Charcoal
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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