Active Sportsman 45-Inch Extra Long Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, Pack of 4

45 INCH TELESCOPIC CAMPFIRE ROASTING FORK FOR THAT EXTRA LONG REACH The number one complaint with all the telescoping roasting forks currently available is that they just aren't long enough. They do not allow you to sit far enough away from the fire to keep from getting too hot and cook your hot dog at the same time. Active Sportsman solved this problem with an extra long 45 inch telescoping bonfire roasting fork with enough reach to comfortably roast your marshmallow, even on bigger campfires. With this utensil you don't end up with hot hands by the time your marshmallow or hotdog is finished cooking. BENEFITS AND FEATURES: Forks collapse down to 12 inches for easy portability and storing. Rubber grip for comfortable holding while cooking. Made of stainless steel to easily clean and resist rust and corrosion. Sharpened tips allows you to easily slide on hotdogs, sausages, or even a steak. Rubber tip covers provided for added safety when forks are not in use. BUY NOW RISK FREE WITH OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. WE ARE SO CONFIDENT YOU WILL OUR ROASTING STICKS AT YOUR NEXT BONFIRE THAT WE OFFER A 90 DAY NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED REFUND POLICY. PRESS THE YELLOW ADD TO CART BUTTON AT THE TOP TO PLACE YOUR ORDER.
Dimensions: 60 x 500 x 1190
Color: Black, Gray
Package quantity: 4
Condition: New

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