Hydration Bladder BPA free Reservoir - BONLEX Water Reservoir Bladder of Hydration Pack Backpack Replacement 2L/70 Oz,Military Class,Tube Insulated,Tastefree for Biking Hiking Camping Outdoor Sports

Materials - Premium Quality TPU material that is resistant to mold and other fungus and bacterials - Food Grade, BPA-Free, and FDA Approved materials that are extremely resistant to mold and microbes Bite Valve and Mouthpiece - Durable, reliable, soft, and leak resistant bite valve - Easy turn ON/OFF valve control to prevent leakage without accessing the bladder in the backpack Drinking Tube/Bladder connect - 40-inch tube allows for greater use with both hydration packs and hiking packs - Insulated tube helps maintain water temperature regardless of hot or cold weather Large Mouth Opening - Easy to use for filling, adding ice, cleaning, and drying. The large mouth opening provides ease for all bladder maintenance - Fill bladder with water and ice from fridge dispenser without causing a spill or adding ice one-by-one with a small opening Packing BONLEX Hydration Water Bladder x1 (Color Box Packing)
Dimensions: 169 x 780 x 921
Size: 2L
Color: Coffee
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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