Always Prepared First Aid Medical Kit in Red Fabric Bag with Reflective Strip (100 Pieces)

Be Always Prepared for Just About Everything in a Minor Emergency... From Giving CPR to Having a Tear in Your Pants! This first-aid kit is kind of one of those 'hope-you-never-have-to-use-it' things, but if you do, we've got you covered! Comes in a water-resistant (not water-proof) soft bag, is designed to last a long time, no matter how rough you play indoors or outdoors. Refill it with your own trauma supplies if something runs out. Forget about bulky and heavy first aid boxes. Being so small and light-weight, it's perfect to stash in any vehicle, backpack or diaper bag for the kids. It's full of preparedness, tactical and first aid kit items (100 of them)... Comes with special items, such as: compass, poncho, Mylar blanket, CPR mask, whistle, sewing kit... among others (For detailed contents please refer to the pictures on top of the page). Keep one in your home, and one in each of your cars just in case. The classic red design and white cross make it easy to spot. You can also take this camping, hiking, bike riding, to work, to school. Send one to college with your son or daughter for the dorms! Emergency Auto Escape Tool (seat belt cutter/window breaker) Now Included as a free bonus! ($9.99 value) Best Part? It comes with our "Always Prepared®" unlimited guarantee. if you're not happy, just contact us and get every cent back. The more you buy the more you save.
Dimensions: 201 x 500 x 720
Color: Red
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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