Boom Dream Complete Camping Cookware Set

Carry all the cooking gear you'll ever need in one small, lightweight pack, ready to cook meals in minutes!Forget cumbersome pots and pans crammed into your backpack, taking up space and weighing you down. This complete kit neatly slots together into one organized set measuring 6.1" by 4.5" and less than 1.5 pounds!Waste no fuel with the fuel efficient stove that comes with an adjustable valve!Whether you're needing to boil water quickly for a coffee or hot chocolate or want a gentle flame to cook a stew or fry up bacon and eggs, Boom Dream's stove adjustable valve works to your needs. Plus, being so fuel efficient, you can cook 6 - 8 meals for yourself and a friend with just one small fuel can - allowing you to plan your adventures more accurately and reduce the fuel weight you carry.Have flames in seconds with the easy to light Piezo ignition system!Simply screw the fuel can on, open the fuel valve and press the ignition button. Instant flame! No more lighting a fire with matches in the wind or rain, or waiting cold and hungry for the flames to heat up. (Compatible with any 7/16 thread single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters; EN 417)Everything you need to cook outdoors - the perfect set for one or two people!Whether you're camping, hiking or backpacking solo or with a friend this set is designed for you in mind! Larger sets simply take up unnecessary weight and space, which is why we've designed each item to be sized specifically for one to two people. Our complete kit contains one pot (5.70"x 3.14"x 1.5") one frying-pan (6.10"x 1.37"x 3") which fit the camping stove perfectly, one spoon to cook with and one utensil set.WE GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PREPARE YOURSELF HOT MEALS AND DRINKS QUICKLY AND EASILY OR WE'LL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!So if You're Ready For A Complete Cooking Set That Is Lightweight And Compact With Instant, Adjustable Heat To Cook On Then Click Add To Cart Now!
Dimensions: 380 x 760 x 1090
Package quantity: 50
Condition: New

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