Carbon Fiber Collapsible Trekking Poles, HikingBear Anti-shock Durable Carbon Fiber Hiking Sticks with EVA Grip for Outdoor Walking Trekking Climbing – 1 Pole Red/Black

Benefits and use of Trekking Poles: Short mountaineering: Improve heart and lung respiratory effect, reduce physical exertion. Daly walk:Strengthens movement, relieves joints, safe, practical and convenient. Hill wood:Balances spine, lower pressure on the limbs. Desert crossing:Support force, balanced load, reduces energy consumption, the locking system is not affected by the impact of dust storms. Practical method: TPR rod tip, balance slip, improve stability. Features: • Comfortable ergonomic grips • Poles extend from 25.6 inches to 53.1 inches (approx.) • Comes with 1 set of mud disks for hiking on softer surfaces (mud, snow etc) to prevent sinking • The high quality carbon fiber material is a natural anti-shock material • Wrist straps for added comfort and support; Easily adjustable • Great for regular walks, leisurely hiking or adventurous treks • This Hiking Pole only weighs 9.17 oz • Made of CARBON FIBER which is lighter than aluminum but stronger than steel Specifications: Product Weight: 8.1 oz (230g) Length:25.6-53.1 Inches Diameter of the Shaft: 5.5 Inches, 6.3 Inches, and 7.1 Inches Color: Red/Black Handle Material: EVA Shaft Material: 50% carben fiber
Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 2550
Color: 1 Pole Red/Black
Condition: New

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