XL Open Beach Tent Neptune: Sun Shade for the Whole Family! Lightweight Compact Sunshade Shelter Cabana. Large Water Resistant Canopy. Big Gazebo For Outdoor, Travel, Camping. Better Than Any Umbrella

If you LOVE going outdoors, Neptune Beach Tent will be your best shelter. It is made of breathable polyester that protects you from rain when you are in the nature. Its generous size gives you enough space for to comfortably seat three to four adults inside.Tent World's Neptune Beach Tent only takes a few minutes to set up and to fold. This brilliant blue tent provides phenomenal protection from the sun, wind and any other weather condition, with an ultraviolet protection factor of 30+ coating alongside its zips for inside ventilation. The internal pockets of Neptune Beach Tent are specially designed for the storage of personal items as well as hooks should you want to hang anything. It also comes with a water resistant polyethylene floor, lightweight fiberglass frame and a cool carrying case.But remember, Thermalabs and Amazon are not responsible for any knockoffs! Watch out for FAKE cheaper imitations of this fantastic tent. Many of them won't last you a week, and you may suffer the consequences of having the tent collapse on you, blow away or have its stakes snap at the slightest challenge.This is the ORIGINAL TOP QUALITY sun tent and it will last you forever. You don't want to let this opportunity pass without adding the product to your cart.
Dimensions: 339 x 449 x 2213
Condition: New

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