Pair of FLYINGBIRD Ultralight Aluminum Anti Shock Hiking Pole Walking Stick (Green)

Once upon a time, no FLYINGBIRD trekking poles in the world. On vacation, we would love to go outside for hiking or climbing. However, without any tools, it seemed difficult for most people to walk for more than 17 hours. Tired and fatigue, even disappointed because we still hadn't seen the best scenery at the top of the mountain and the end of the woods, but we had no more energy to walk one more step. We had to give up.Now FLYINGBIRD hiking poles appear, and everything becomes easier. FLYINGBIRDhelps distribute your load on the shoulders to save energy, which allows you to hike further and climb higher. FLYINGBIRDhelps to relieve pressure of legs and knees to protect the weak joins, which even allow seniors to enjoy the best hiking. FLYINGBIRDhelps keep balance in the rapid river or uneven rocks.Once you try it, FLYINGBIRDmakes you "fly"in the fresh open air!
Dimensions: 220 x 461 x 2752
Size: 53 inch
Color: Green
Condition: New

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