500 mL ( 16.9 fluid ounce ) Aluminum Sports Water Bottle , Blue

Each year we use enough plastic water bottles to circle the globe many times over . Our oceans are littered with them . They're everywhere . Why ? Because they are handy . Well , so is this affordable Aluminum water bottle . Easy to clean , simple to refill with clean drinking water , and even EASIER to take with you thanks to the spring loaded carabineer clip and split key ring built right into the screw top lid . And , forget brands with a flip straw . They're impossible to keep clean! This half liter bottle makes washing easy . Add a drop of soap , some warm water , shake , and rinse . If you are into bicycle riding , yoga , Pilates , Fitness , mountain hiking , backpacking , or just like to have pure , fresh tasting water while you're at work , in the car , or at school , look no further . This bottle won't break your piggy bank , and gets the job done . And best of all , unlike the endless brands of plastic bottles out there , there are no nasty chemical tastes leeching out of the bottle , and back into your water , putting you at risk of all kinds of problems down the road . They all say they're free of this chemical , or that , but next year , they will discover that there is a new toxic chemical in plastics that is bad for you that they didn't know to test for last year - and guess what ... Well , you'll never have to worry about that when you step up to a metal based bottle . Our bottles go through rigorous independent third party testing to ensure they are safe for you and your family . And unlike the other sellers , we have the paperwork to prove it . 100% lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee . We'll refund your purchase if you don't think this is the best economy water bottle you've ever used .
Dimensions: 280 x 290 x 880
Color: Blue
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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