Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter Waterproof lightweight Camping and Survival Tarp Shelter (Cream, 360x280 cm)

Well, the sun was out an hour ago ... Are you roughing it in the wilds with a tent tucked in a tightly wrapped roll? Hiking a few miles away from your campsite with only a rucksack? Swaying in the wind while hammock camping? Are you watching the thunderheads rolling in, hearing the distant crack of thunder after a sharp flash of lightning, wondering how well the leaves in the boughs, above, will shelter you from the oncoming storm? Can you imagine that? With the Rolling Fox Ultralight Tarp Shelter stretched out above, you can, indeed, imagine that scenario with a grin while you relax and watch the rain pattering the forest floor around you. Lightweight. Durable. Versatile. This is a durable shelter, it's lightweight and comes with a Stuff Sack for easy storage and quick retrieval when a storm comes rolling in. Its sixteen tie-off loops make it easy to configure your shelter. Its four stakes and four guy lines allow you to set up a shelter, instantly, wherever there's a tree or, really, any elevated feature you can wrap a rope around. From An Outdoorsman, Just Like You We're a small company of just one guy, me! I love hearing the stories and seeing the awesome pics of youse guys and gals all over the U.S. enjoying the Rolling Fox Tarp. By all means, feel free to get ahold of me with stories, photos, or even questions or complaints! While it's ideal for hammock campers and those who "rough it" in the wildlands, it is a handy emergency shelter that can easily be tucked away until it's needed. Satisfaction Guaranteed. The weather offers no guarantees; a storm can roll in at any time! But, when you purchase the Rolling Fox Ultralight Tarp Shelter, your luck won't depend on the weatherman's guess. Unlike the weatherman, I offer a lifetime, no-questions- asked, 100% money-back guarantee! The weather will be sunny every time.
Dimensions: 550 x 600 x 1300
Size: 360x280 cm
Color: Cream
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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