Bear Butt Rain Fly (Green)

Start Up Company, Bear Butt Team Yup that's right folks Michael & Team are average joes "shaking the freakin eagle out of its nest." A great way to find out more about us, our story, sweet coupons, free prizes - Find us on SnapChat, Instagram & Facebook @BearButtTeam So Many Rain Flys To Choose From... There are a lot of Rain Flys to choose from! We try to make things easy on your with the best Rainfly out there and a WAY TOO EASY MONEY BACK PROMISE WITH REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. Take a look at our reviews and be part of the team Way Too Easy Money Back Promise... Our promise is that our product is just as great, better or the bestest out there and we back it with our crazy promise. For example if you get little Charlie a Rain Fly for his birthday and he says "Hey auntie, I hate Rain Flys" you will probably want to punch him (so mean of you) but what you should do is contact us and say "Hey Bear Butt Team Specialist, I want a refund." And poof we will give you your money refund within 6 hrs and you can keep the Rain Fly. Yea you can keep the freakin Rain Fly Just be warned, as a Start Up Company it can be hard for us to keep our inventory in stock in the beginning until we get a good capital flow. If you see it available, buy now!
Dimensions: 330 x 420 x 950
Color: Green
Condition: New

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