Emergency Fire Starter Ferro Rod and Steel with Compass and Cotton Ball with gift box for survival

"You're Going To Love This!" | "Great Kit For A Bug Out Bag" | "Affordable Way To Have A Fire In An Emergency Situation"The Alert ZoneTM Emergency Fire Starter and Compass is two great survival purposes in one tool. The emergency ferro rod and steel striker are excellent for starting an emergency fire and the compass will get you out of dangerous situations. Plus, you can out this tool anywhere. It fits in any emergency survival bag from EDC Kits to Bug Out Bags and works great on a keychain. A great item used for wilderness survival by survivalists, campers and doomsday preppers alike. Use it in a pinch like a survival situation or every time you need a fire. It's built of solid military grade aluminum construction and is sealed tight to prevent water intrusion. The solid construction breaks down to reveal each individual part of this survival tool.Steel striker and magnesium ferro rod (ferrocerium) work well together to create a great spark and works just like flint and steel. Able to strike multiple times before replacing the rod. An added cotton ball ensures you get a fire on your first strike. Use the compass in the event you get lost or to find your way out of a dangerous situation. You can also attach it to your keychain or lanyard using paracord for keeping it close when you need it or just toss it in a survival bag, bug out bag or EDC. Stuff it in your pocket or in your backpack. You can light fires and camp stoves easily and quickly. A great item for any survival kit or emergency kit for any situation. A great survival tool. Make sure this item is a part of the rest of your survival supplies. It is a must for your survival gear list. It's the best firestarter you can have in a fire starter kit in such a small package. ***ADULT USE ONLY OR MATURE CHILD (mature cub scout or eagle scout) FAMILIAR WITH FIRE SAFETY***
Dimensions: 75 x 200 x 500
Color: black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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