Luxe Tempo All Purpose Tent Tarp Footprint for Floor Saver Picnic Blanket Easy Rain Cover Sun Shelter for Hammock-Waterproof Lightweight

Luxetempo outdoor was founded by a group of professional campers and backpackers who have a profound respect for divine nature and possess advanced outdoor survival skills in wilderness. After years of practical backpacking and camping experience under different circumstances,some of which are rather demanding,Luxetempo come to realize that the right choice of camp gear and tools plays a crucial part in the quality of outdoor life. So we have spared no effort exploring, designing and sourcing all supplies that comfortable and safe outdoor life takes,since the day we embarked on road of presenting customers the best camp gear to serve different purposes in various outdoor events and activities,at fair prices. In order to optimize the shopping experience with Luxetempo, all the orders will be fulfilled by Amazon.
Dimensions: 200 x 750 x 750
Size: 82.6 *82.6 in.
Condition: New

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