Survival Hax 2 Person Instant Pop Up Camping Tent

#1 New Release In Backpacking and Camping Tents The Automatic Pop Up Tent by Survival Hax is the best bang for your buck 3 season tent you're going to find this side of Amazon. Have you ever tried to pitch a tent in the dark? It's about as fun as waking up with a snake in your sleeping bag. Fumbling with those poles, holding a flashlight in your mouth, while your spouse is trying to coach you is not the way to start a camping trip. That's why our instant pop-up technology pitches the tent for you. Camping should be fun The all weather tent is perfect for weekend camping, hardcore hiking, lightweight backpacking, and of course backyard sleepovers. The instant tent can fit your family comfortably with room for two adults and two children or three full grown adults. We have tested it with 4 people, but it got a little tight. Especially since Rick snores. Directions: (a copy of these directions will be sent to you by email. To pitch the tent, remove it from the carry bag and undo the straps. Then toss the tent into an open area and let the flexible poles expand. Now you just have to spread the poles apart and stake them to the ground. Pack up tent To pack the tent fold it so that all of the poles are parallel. Now twist the tent so it forms a circle. Stuff the tent in between the poles and put it back in the pack. Tent Specs: Max Capacity: 4 Person Size: 6 ½ x 6 ½ feet when open. 4 1/4 ft t fall Weight: Tent Material: 170T Taffeta Bottom: 190D Waterproof Oxford Pole Material: Fiberglass UV Resistant 4 x Metal Stakes 1 x Compressed bag with carry straps Take advantage of our sale price while our tent is still in stock *limited availability*
Dimensions: 200 x 2650 x 2650
Color: Blue
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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