Mavic Cosmic Ultimate II Shoe - Men's White/Black, US 11.5/UK 11.0

If it's good enough for a British pro continental team, the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate II Shoe is surely good enough for you. You may not fill your calendar with the same array of races as a pro team, but you log enough miles to know that foot comfort is paramount to getting the most out of your ride. Trust Mavic's otherworldly Cosmic Ultimate II Shoe to be worthy of your long rides, weekend races, and everything in-between, and you won't be disappointed. Mavic constructed the Cosmic Ultimate II to be as light as possible, and its lightness sets it apart from lower range models from the brand. The less your shoe contributes to overall fatigue while you're riding, the more energy you have to throw into the pedals, so at 240g, the Cosmic Ultimate II makes a strong case for itself on weight alone. Of course, Mavic didn't stop there. Adjust the fit of the uppers to a nearly limitless degree with the dual Ergo Dials, and the thin, flexible uppers will follow the contours of your foot without creating pressure points or hot spots. Other features like supportive Ergo Fit 3D + Ortholite insoles and a soft Ergo 3D tongue feel like luxurious extras on a short ride, but become essential details when you're in the saddle for hours on end. Stand to crest a climb or mash down on the pedals in the big ring and the Energy Full Carbon SLR sole will display rigidity far beyond what it looks capable of. At only 5. 5mm thick, this outsole achieves impressive rigidity for such low weight. It partners expertly with a carbon fiber heel cup shaped to hold your heel securely in place, preventing slippage from stealing your hard earned watts when you need them most.
Dimensions: 500 x 900 x 1300
Size: 11 F(M) UK / 11.5 D(M) US
Color: White/Black
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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